College Openings Update 2020


NACAC's annual College Openings Update will be released to the media and public on May 5.


About the update

The College Openings Update allows students and colleges to find potential matches during the spring prior to fall enrollment.

The update indicates which colleges and universities are still accepting applications from qualified freshman and/or transfer students. It also provides information about still available financial aid and housing.

The list is continually updated through late summer. Both public and private colleges are included. The College Openings Update is now in its 33rd year.


Note to participating colleges

On April 16, the principal representative at your institution will receive an invitation to provide your college's information for the update. Please contact if you have any questions about participating.  

After the College Openings Update is released on May 5, your college will also have the opportunity to add or change your information at any time until the update closes in late summer.

NEW: Because many colleges have moved their reply date, NACAC will plan a second wave of outreach and promotion in June.  




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