Statement from the NACAC Board following the Death of George Floyd

Arlington, VA (June 4, 2020) – The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) condemns racism in all its forms and is dedicated to advancing efforts to confront historic and systemic injustice in this country. We join all who grieve George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other black Americans whose brutal, senseless deaths are tragic reminders of the long journey we still face toward a fair and equitable society.

We also recognize with dismay the disproportionate impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on communities of color. We recognize that many of our members across the country, particularly black members, may be struggling to navigate what seems to be a constant threat to their lives. And we celebrate the courage and commitment of protesters in cities across America who continue to raise their voices against the shameful inequities that have plagued our nation for generations. Black lives matter.

NACAC’s code of ethics proclaims our core values of equity, fairness, and inclusivity – principles that have never been more important than at this moment in our nation’s history. NACAC and its nearly 14,000 members believe in the transformative power of education and are uniquely positioned to provide support along the path to college that can lead to a better life and a better living for all. We embrace our responsibility to continue to stand up for students throughout our nation who are particularly impacted by the recent, horrific events as well as the legacy of institutional discrimination, prejudice, and exclusion. 

We as a board have heard, with clarity, the voices within our association who question the propriety of holding our annual national conference in Minneapolis this September. The COVID-19 pandemic has already created uncertainties about how practical and feasible it would be to hold the event this year, and the board is carefully weighing next steps. We remain mindful of our legal, fiduciary obligations as we continue to listen to members’ profound concerns about ensuring that our black colleagues, in particular, feel safe and welcome at the conference and in the host city.

Next week we will send out a survey to the NACAC membership, and we will ask members about their ability and willingness to attend the conference this year. We will provide updates as soon as we have more information.

Jayne Caflin Fonash, President
Todd Rinehart, President-elect
Stefanie Niles, Immediate Past President
David Antoniewicz, Presidents Council Coordinator
Sara Brookshire, Director
Derek DuBose, Director
Cornell LeSane, Director
Angelica Melendez, Director
Delorean Menifee, Director
Steve Pultz, Director
Ken Redd, Director
Ffiona Rees, Director
Elise Rodriguez, Director
Jacques Steinberg, Director
Joyce E. Smith, Chief Executive Officer
John McGrath, Deputy Chief Executive Officer

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