Thank you to everyone who voted!

The Special Member Vote to amend the bylaws closed on Wednesday, Nov. 30. The vote achieved NACAC’s required ten percent quorum threshold. Thank you to the eligible voting members who participated in this process.


The Results

The amendments were approved with approximately 90 percent voting in the affirmative, meaning that all references to the Assembly and delegates have been removed from NACAC’s bylaws.

Rescind Article IX and delete any reference to the Assembly or delegates throughout NACAC’s bylaws


Voted yes

Amend Article X, Section 1c with the proposed language


Voted yes

Rescind Article X, Section 1f


Voted yes

These changes continue NACAC’s work to transform our governance to be more transparent, inclusive, and aligned with peer associations and industry best practices. At the board’s direction, NACAC staff will work with affiliate leadership to create a professional development program for next generation affiliate leaders.  


On August 8, 2022, the NACAC Board of Directors announced a comment period for proposed amendments to the association’s bylaws. These important changes would continue our work to transform our governance to become more transparent, inclusive, and aligned with peer associations and industry best practices.

These amendments eliminated the delegate role and Assembly, as well as streamline aspects of the bylaws that reference their previous roles and responsibilities. The changes were necessary since the functions of delegates and the Assembly, as then described in the bylaws, were no longer in place.

While there were no comments submitted to the board, some members reached out with questions. Each question was answered. In addition, we are grateful for member participation during the Special Member Vote webinar held on Monday, Aug. 29. A recording is available of this webinar.

NACAC’s bylaws state that a notice of a Special Member Vote must be shared with members no less than 30 days, and no more than 60 days, prior to a vote.