Voting Organization Membership

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Organization memberships include one complimentary individual membership. Additional individual memberships can be added to your account ($80 for individuals at US-based organizations; $92.50 for individuals at organizations outside the US).

Organizations Eligible for Voting Membership  
Not-for-profit organizations whose primary activities consist of providing counseling, admission, or financial aid services to student, the college admission counseling or financial aid professions. Must provide proof of tax exempt status with application. $385

Community Based Organization  
Not-for-profit community-based organizations which provide counseling, admission or financial aid services only to students at the state or local level on an on-going basis. $165

Nonvoting Organization Membership

Organizations Eligible for Nonvoting Membership 
Organizations that provide products and/or services to the counseling, admission, or financial aid professions or in support of students in the transition to postsecondary education.  $460

All organization members must: 

Submit copies of organization literature which describes the purposes of the organization. Have been in business at least three years.

Designate a principal representative whose professional responsibilities include providing services or products to students or to counseling, admission or financial aid professionals.

Support the purposes of NACAC.

To apply for organization membership you must update your individual profile to add your company.

What to know before you apply?

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