Institutional Membership

An institutional membership includes one complimentary membership and additional individuals can be added for an additional $70 each.   

Primary/Secondary School  $185
Primary/ Secondary Institutions must appear in one of the following resources to qualify for membership:

  • The Department of Education’s (DOE) Common Core of Data, the department's primary database on public elementary and secondary education in the United States.
  • The DOE’s National Center for Education Statistics Private School Universe Survey
  • ACT or CEEB Code Lists
  • Individual, state-by-state lists that would be consulted if the school is not on the other lists

Postsecondary Institutions  $325
Two and four year universities and colleges must satisfy the following requirements to qualify for membership:

  • Be not-for-profit
  • Be degree-granting
  • Accredited by an educational accrediting agency listed in the latest edition of the “Higher Education Directory.”

School District  $270
Not-for-profit primary and secondary school districts must satisfy the requirements of a secondary institution membership. Additionally, school districts should designate one school to receive complimentary membership. Additional schools may join at a reduced rate of $105 annually.

University System  $520 
Not-for-profit college and university systems must satisfy the following requirements to qualify for membership:

  • The university system as well as each member college/university separately listed in the latest edition of the Higher Education Directory is required to hold separate membership.

  • Designate one institution to receive a complimentary membership.  Additional institutions may join at a reduced rate of $175 annually.

UPDATE: 2018 Membership Dues Rates

What to know before you apply:

  • Designate a principal representative/primary contact whose professional responsibilities include providing services and/or products to the counseling, admission or financial aid profession or in support of students in the transition to postsecondary education. All institutional memberships include a free membership for their primary contact, no additional application is needed.

  • School District and University System membership applications must be approved before additional schools can be added.

  • All memberships are subject to approval. Once your membership application has been approved you will receive an invoice which can be paid on-line.

  • Member benefits will begin once your application is approved and your dues have been paid.

  • NACAC's  membership cycle is Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. If joining NACAC from Jan. 1 through Sept. 30 your membership will expire Dec. 31 of the same year.  Those joining after Oct. 1 membership will expire Dec. 31 of the following year. NACAC's annual billing cycle begins Oct. 1, and members who joined prior to that date will receive an invoice for the following membership year.


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