Individual Professional Membership

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Who is eligible for membership under this category? 


An individual who is a faculty member in counseling or higher education administration.


Undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a career in college counseling. 

NACAC Affiliate Staff

An individual employed by NACAC affiliate.

Non-Affiliated Professionals

An individual formally eligible for voting membership who is temporarily not employed by a voting-eligible member institution. 


Retired Professionals

Individuals who were actively engaged in college counseling services for at least 10 years and are no longer employed full-time. To be eligible for this category, your last full-time employer must have been eligible for NACAC voting membership.


University System Administrator

(Individual Membership Option Only)

Individuals employed by a public university system that oversees admission and enrollment management activities and is not based at a specific institution.

School District Administrator 

(Individual Membership Option Only)

Individuals employed by a school district that oversees counseling and is not based at a specific school.


Please note:

  • Institutional memberships are not available for school districts, only the secondary schools within the district. If you are employed by the school district and do not work for a specific secondary school, you may join as an individual or associate school district member



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