NACAC Exchange

The NACAC Exchange listserve provides a single platform to share information and ideas with other professionals. 

You don't need to be a member of NACAC to use the Exchange but you will need a username and password.  If you already have one just login to the Exchange, review the user agreement and start posting!

If you don't have a username and password you can create a new profile.

To Post A Message

Send an email to: or login to the Exchange site using your NACAC login and password.
Exchange Members Can:

  1. Attach files to messages
  2. "Reply to sender” without emailing the entire list
  3. Change your profile to include more than one personal email address

Things to know about Exchange:

  • The first time you login you will be required to read and abide by the user agreement.

  • Your basic NACAC profile information will be updated to your Exchange profile and will be updated nightly if changes are made. You can also update your Exchange profile immediately by clicking on the "refresh profile" link when you edit your profile.

  • Your primary email address will always be set to the one you have listed in your NACAC profile but you can add additional email addresses on your Exchange profile so you can send an email to the Exchange from any of your registered accounts.

  • You can change your delivery preferences to receive emails from the Exchange immediately or in a daily digest.

  • Once you start posting message you can view archived messages by selecting the NACAC Exchange group and clicking on the ‘Listserv Email Archive’ link.

  • You can search the archives by using the ‘search’ box in the upper left corner.

Things to Know About Posting Messages:

  • When you send an email to it will post to the discussion board and send an email to all subscribers.

  • When you hit REPLY to an email from EXCHANGE it will reply to the sender.

  • When you hit REPLY ALL to an email from the Exchange it will reply to the sender and to all subscribers.  You will see the sender’s email address and the email address in the ‘To’ field of your email so if you didn't mean to reply to the whole list you can just delete the address from the "To" field.

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