A six-part webinar series to demonstrate new approaches to cultivating diversity and equity in the college admission process and enhance conversations among college admission counseling professionals to prepare for a possible adverse ruling from the Supreme Court in the SFFA v. Harvard/UNC race-conscious admission cases. The webinar series is designed to share research-informed, promising practices from institutions and schools, including a focus on practices in states currently practicing “race-neutral” admissions. A curricular guide will be provided, including segments from The Playbook (2d ed.); relevant amicus briefs filed before the U.S. Supreme Court (filed by the University of Michigan and UC System Leaders); and published research reports (to be named).

Webinar 6: Expanding Horizons: Enhancing All Facets of Holistic Review

Date and time will be announced soon.

Admission officers and school counselors will discuss important ways to elevate and consider all facets of an applicant’s lived experience as part of the application process, including through student shorts answers and essays.