Staff Listing

Executive Office
Contact: and
Chief Executive Officer
Joyce E. Smith
Direct: 703-299-6828
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
John McGrath
Direct: 703-299-6811
Assistant Director for Governance and Board Relations
Raquel D. Bailey
Direct: 703-299-6816 ​

Manager of Association Planning and Strategy
Hannah McIntosh Burke
Direct: 703-373-2360

Director of Communications
Shanda T. Ivory
Direct: 703-299-6803
Sr. ​Associate Director of Communications for Digital and Print Media
Kristen Garman
Direct: 703-299-6807
Associate Director of Communications for Editorial and Design
Sarah S. Cox
Direct: 703-299-6801
Assistant Director of Content and Marketing
Mary Stegmeir
Direct: 571-551-5268
Communications Production Coordinator
Daisy Kinard
Direct: 703-299-6840
Manager of Communications, Content and Social Media
Ashley Dobson
Direct: 703-299-6820
​ ​

Sponsorship and External Relations

Director of Sponsorships and External Relations
Megan LaVine
Direct: 703-299-6845

Sponsorship Coordinator
Hoang Phuong
Direct: 571-551-5270

National Conference and Meetings

Director of Conference and Meetings
Shannon Burke
Direct: 703-299-6813
Assistant Director of Conference and Meetings
Gracy Olmeda​
Direct: 703-299-6839
Sr. Manager of Conference and Meetings
Kelly Ferrante
Direct: 703-299-6846
Conference and Meetings Manager
Erica Laudeman
Direct:  703-299-6844  

Finance and Administration
Director of Finance and Administration
Wendy Lucio
Direct: 703-299-6822
Office and Facilities Manager
Joe King
Direct: 703-299-6826
Accounting Manager
Shelly DeSouza
Direct: 703-299-6805

Senior Accountant
Elizabeth Santiago
Direct: 703-299-6833

Human Resources and Administration

Director of Human Resources and Administration
Katie MacPhail, SPHR, SHRM-SCP 
Direct: 703-299-6804

Assistant Director of Human Resources
Direct: 703-299-6818

Receptionist and Human Resources Coordinator
Theresa F. Gibson
Direct: 703-299-6800​

Information Systems

Executive Director of Information Management
Joe Brentzel
Direct: 703-299-6843
Director of Information Systems
Michelle Lucas
Direct: 703-299-6814
Associate Director of Data Management
Cheryl Rush
Direct: 703-299-6847
Web and Computer Systems Administrator
Will Creason
Direct:  703-299-6859
Manager of Customer Service
Victoria Balahutrak
Direct:  703-299-6831

Data Management Coordinator
Direct: 703-299-6852

Data Management Specialist
Nathaly Fuentes
Direct: 703-299-6850

Data Management Specialist 
Elizabeth Hudnall 
Direct: 703-299-6832 

Data Management Specialist
Darnese Hill
Direct: 703-373-2356
Data Management Specialist
Mary Muiruri
Direct: 703-299-6806
Data Management Specialist
Gustavo Lara
Direct: 703-299-6838

Membership, Affiliate Relations and Governance
Director of Membership and Affiliate Relations
Kimberly Johnston
Direct: 703-299-6837
Associate Director of Membership and Affiliate Relations
Yanecia Green
Direct: 703-299-6848
Sr. Manager of Governance and Affiliate Relations
Heather McGhee
Direct: 703-299-6835
Membership and Affiliate Relations Manager
Elsa C. Dizon
Direct: 703-299-6858
Membership and Affiliate Relations Coordinator
Monique Hyatte
Direct: 703-299-6836
National College Fairs
​ ​
Director of National College Fairs, Programs and Services
Pia Brown
Direct: 571-551-5277
Sr. Associate Director of National College Fairs, Programs and Services
Sylvia E. Karpf
Direct: 703-299-6821
Associate Director of National College Fairs, Programs and Services
Jason Smith
Direct: 703-299-6856
Assistant Director of National College Fairs, Programs and Services
Anika Kwinana​
Direct: 703-299-6824
Manager of Digital Content and Publications
Chelsea Tufarolo
Direct: 703-299-6827
Event Manager, National College Fairs
Sandy Vasquez
Direct: 703-299-6825
Event Manager, National College Fairs
Sarah Smith​
Direct: 703-299-6853

Event Manager, National College Fairs
Belinda Levert​
Direct: 703-299-6857
Event Manager, National College Fairs
Amber Nichols
Direct: 571-551-5275
Event Manager, National College Fairs
Jessica Volley
Direct: 703-299-6851

Administrative Assistant, National College Fairs
Melissa Hunter
Direct: 703-299-6823
 ​ ​
Educational Content and Policy
Contact:, and
​ ​
Executive Director for Educational Content and Policy
David A. Hawkins
Direct: 703-299-6809

Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives
Heather Durosko 
Direct: 703-299-6802

Education and Training

Director of Education and Training
Tania Rachkoskie
Direct:  703-299-6810
Assistant Director of Education and Training
Crystal E. Newby, M.S.
Direct: 703-299-6830 ​

Education and Training Program Manager
Kellie Kirstein
Direct: 703-299-6849

Government Relations

Director of Government Relations
Michael Rose
Direct: 703-299-6817

Government Relations Manager
Julie Kirk
Direct: 703-299-6841

International Initiatives

Associate Director of International Initiatives
Lindsay Addington
Direct: 703-299-6829

International Initiatives Coordinator
Tatjana Guadalupe
Direct: 571-551-5271

Associate Director of Research
Melissa Clinedinst
Direct: 703-299-6854
Research Associate
Anna-Maria Koranteng
Direct: 703-299-6819
Research Associate
Pooja Patel
Direct: 571-551-5276

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