Donor Honor Roll - Previous 2017 Donors

NACAC extends a heartfelt thanks to our donors for their generous support. 

We greatly appreciate your belief in NACAC's mission to support and advance the work of college admission counseling professionals as they help students realize their full educational potential.
Contributions received through August 31, 2017.

Anonymous In Tribute of Joyce Smith
Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools
Nancy Beane In Honor of NACAC staff
Michele DeLillo
Tara Lebar In Tribute of Tom Hult
Patty Montague
Junghee Mun
Karen Seitzinger
Tamara Siler
Stephen Soud
Phillip Trout In Tribute of Nancy Beane
Katina Tzetzos
Elsa von Heydenreich In Tribute of Gail Devine, Vanna Cairns, and Joanna Hartigan


Brooke Daly
Christine Eischen In Tribute of Public School Counselors
Guadalupe Navarrete
New England Association for College Admission Counseling
Weingarten Realty In Honor of Jeffrey Fuller

Anonymous In Tribute of Nancy Beane's Service
Sharon Alston

Derek DuBose
Sonya Fleck
Nancy Fomby
Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA)
Gwen Kanelos
Jamar Keaton
Chung Kweon Ryoo
Pacific Northwest Association for College Admission Counseling
Rocky Mountain Association for College Admission Counseling
Santa Clara University
Michael Sexton
Southern Association for College Admission Counseling
Texas Association for College Admission Counseling


Raquel D. Bailey
Ramon Blakley
Jenny Buyens
Yanecia Green
Adam Ingersoll
Cyndi Niendorf
Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling
Anne Richardson


Virginia Blackwell
Ramon Blakley
Nikki Chun
Melissa Clinedinst
Lauren Cook
Dana Denault
Yanecia Green
Deborah Hudson
Adam Ingersoll
Anne Richardson
Jessica Sant
Myronee Simpson
Thomas Weede
Wilbraham and Monson Academy


Lee Ann Afton-Backlund
Sheila Bailey
Ramon Blakley
Jill Byers
Robyn Campbell
Carlos Cano
Carol Chimento
Lauren Cook
Patience Fanella-Koch
Allyson Felix
Jen Foldvary
Yanecia Green
Ellen Heffernan
Adam Ingersoll
Eliza King
Katie King
Marybeth Kravets
Megan LaVine
Stacy Lightfoot
Michelle Lucas
Kathleen MacPhail
James Miller
Denise Ndukwu
Gracy Olmeda
Kathleen O'Neill
William Pepin
Michele Radcliffe
Anne Richardson
Jeff Rickey
Peggy Saferstein
Myronee Simpson
The College Board
Tyton Partners Consulting LLC
Stephanie Ueland


Stephanie Adkins
Ingrid Allen
Ramon Blakley
Dawn Blanchard
Eileen Campbell
Margo Cohen
Katharine Coon
Terry Cowdrey
Patricia Demoff
William Dingledine
Josh Ditsky
Bart Grachan
Yanecia Green
Teri Greenbaum
David Hawkins
Sandra Heckman
Barbara Heyman
Louis Hirsh
Chris Holzwarth
Margretta Houston
Amanda Howard
E. Alexander Howson
Marsha Hubbuch
Adam Ingersoll
Kimberly Johnston
Ellen Kolstee
Dana Lambert
John McGrath
Alicia Oglesby
Pittsburgh NCF Committee
Pamela Rambo
Kristi Ramey
Susanna Rayon
Anne Richardson
Angela Roberson
F. Sheppard Shanley
Zakiya Smith
Lisa Sohmer In Memory of Joan Zinner
Southern Association for College Admission Counseling
Bev Taylor
Anne Weisholtz
Hope Young


Christine Bacon
Ramon Blakley
Joe Brentzel
Claire Cafaro
Michael Dessimoz
Williamson Durley
Jean Fukuji
Beth Godzich
John Hamel
Ellen Heffernan
Adam Ingersoll
International Association for College Admission Counseling
Monica James In Honor of Nancy Beane
Amy Jarich
Laura Klimitas
Debra Landesberg
Curtis Lippincott
Paula McKinnon
Anne Richardson
Yetunde Rubinstein
Joyce Smith

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Donor Honor Roll

NACAC extends a heartfelt thanks to our September donors for their generous support.

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