Advocacy Letters

As the voice of the college admission counseling profession, NACAC regularly sends letters to Congress, the Department of Education, and other relevant agencies and organizations, often in collaboration with other education advocacy organizations and coalitions. See the advocacy letters NACAC has sent this year regarding our federal and state policy priorities below.

NACAC Expresses Opposition to Department of Education Efforts to Undermine Gainful Employment

More that 50 organizations representing and advocating for students, families, taxpayers, veterans, and service members submitted a joint letter to the Department of Education expressing opposition to efforts to further undermine the Gainful Employment regulation (January 2019).

NACAC Expresses Support for College in High School Programs

NACAC joined fellow members of the College in High School Alliance in a letter to incoming Chairman Bobby Scott (D-VA) of the House Education and Labor Committee encouraging robust investment in dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, early college high school, and other college in high school programs (December 2018).

Higher Education Community Expresses Concerns with Reported Proposed Definition of Sex

NACAC joined 28 fellow education associations and advocacy groups in a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services, expressing opposition to reported plans to narrow the definition of sex and gender in ways that would exclude transgender individuals (November 2018).

Clean Budget Coalition Encourages Congress to Pass Clean Fiscal Year 2019 Budget

NACAC and 51 fellow members of the Clean Budget Coalition encouraged Congress to pass the outstanding FY19 appropriations bills free of policy riders (November 2018).

NACAC Signs Declaration on University Global Engagement

NACAC joined domestic and international universities and associations in affirming commitment to international education and global engagement (November 2018).

NACAC Urges Congress to Prioritize DREAMers

More than 325 advocacy organizations called on returning and incoming members of the House of Representatives to pass legislation that would provide a path to citizenship for DREAMers within the first 100 days of the 116th Congress (November 2018).

Postsecondary Data Collaborative Members Recommend College Scorecard Improvements

In a letter to the Department of Education, NACAC and 33 other members of the Postsecondary Data Collaborative share suggested improvements to the recently updated College Scorecard (November 2018).

PSLF Coalition Expresses Concerns Regarding Low Application Approval Rate

NACAC joined fellow members of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Coalition in a letter to the Department of Education sharing concerns regarding reports that only one percent of PSLF applicants were approved for loan forgiveness. The Coalition urges for greater transparency and program simplification (October 2018).

NACAC Supports NAFSAA's Higher Education Committee of 50 Draft Recommendations

In response to the public comment request, NACAC shared support and recommendations for the Forward50's Higher Education Act reauthorization recommendations, which include improved access, accountability, affordability, and transparency measures (September 2018).

Education Associations Oppose Use of Federal Funds to Purchase Guns to Arm Educators

NACAC joined fellow education advocates and organizations in a letter expressing concern over the Department of Education's reported plans to allow school districts to use federal funds to purchase firearms (September 2018).

NACAC Joins Group of 68 Organizations Opposing Gainful Employment Rescission

Organizations representing students, educators, veterans, and consumers submitted public comments in response to the Department of Education's proposal to rescind gainful employment regulations (September 2018).

Organizations Representing Higher Education Oppose Department's Decision to Rescind Gainful Employment

NACAC, ACE, and 20 other highed education organizations shared concerns and recommendations regarding the Department of Education's proposed rescinding of gainful employment (September 2018).

Coalition Provides Recommendations for Improvements to the Temporary Expansion Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

NACAC and 19 other members of the Coalition to Preserve PSLF shared comments regarding the TEPSLF program, which provides student loan relief to otherwise qualified borrowers who inadvertently made payments to the incorrent repayment plan (September 2018).

NACAC Opposes Department of Education's Proposal to Rescind Gainful Employment Regulations

In response to the Deparment of Education's August decision to rescind gainful employment, NACAC submitted a letter of opposition (September 2018).

Education Associations Express Concerns Over Final Proposed Borrower Defense Rule

NACAC joined 19 other education associations in sharing concerns with the Department of Education regarding the final proposed borrower defense rule (August 2018).

80 Organizations Urge Department of Education to Protect Students and Taxpayers

NACAC joined 79 organizations in response to the Department of Education's final proposed borrower defense rule (August 2018).

NACAC Opposes Use of Federal Funds for Purchasing of Firearms by School Districts

In response to reports that the Department of Education is considering the purchasing of firearms by school districts as an allowable use of Student Support and Academic Enrichment grant funds, NACAC joined fellow members of the Title IV-Part A Coalition in a statement of opposition (August 2018).

NACAC Urges Senators to Pass Clean Appropriations Bill

NACAC joined fellow members of the Clean Budget Coalition in a letter to members of the Senate, urging them to oppose the addition of any poison pill riders to the Senate Fiscal Year 2019 Labor, Education, Health & Human Services and Defense "minibus" appropriations package (August 2018).

Data Coalition Submits Comments Regarding Federal Data Strategy

NACAC and 37 other members of the PostsecData Coliation answered the open call for comments regarding the Administration's development of an improved Federal Data Strategy (July 2018).

NACAC Joins Education Organizations in Filing Amicus Brief

NACAC and 36 other education organizations filed a joint amicus brief with the US District Court in Massachusetts in the Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College lawsuit related to the use of race-conscious admission policies (July 2018).

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