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Lindsay Addington
Larry Alterman In Honor of 1408
Anthony Ambrogi In Honor of 2017 Affiliate Presidents
Raquel Bailey
Greg Birk In Memory of Stephanie Balmer
Tristen Black In Honor of 1408
Linda Blair
Ramon Blakley In Tribute of The Hardworking School Counselor
Jillian Bolak In Tribute of Hardworking School Counselors
Damien Bracey In Honor of 1408
Jill Britton
Todd Burrell
Carlos Cano In Tribute of 2018 Affiliate President's Class (NJ)
Ryan Cassell In Honor of 1408
Kathryn Coffman
Lauren Cook In Honor of 1408 (Presidential Class of 19-20)
Stacey Cunitz
Robbie Cupps
Susan Davidson In Honor of President’s Class 2016-2017
Kristen Dickerson In Honor of 1408
Eva Dodds In Honor of Deep Diving Affiliate Pres Class of 2017
Kristin Dreazen
Erin Earle
Stephanie Espina In Honor of 1408
Patience Fanella-Koch
Pamela Fay-Williams
Johanna Fishbein In Honor of Presidents Class of 2017
Joel Ford
Dan Franklin
Nathaly Fuentes
Justin Grams In Honor of 1408
Yanecia Green
LaShaunta Hairston
David Hawkins
Ellen Heffernan rmen Hippen In Tribute of David Burge encouraging the support our colleagues
Sarah Hogan In Honor of 1408
Charlie Hungerford In Honor of 1408
Deanne Hurley
Monique Hyatt
Johnnie Johnson In Honor of 1408
Dayna Kaneshiro In Honor of 1408
Laurie Kiguchi In Memory of Joe Allen
Alice Kleeman
Becky Konowicz In Honor of 1408
Robyn Lady In Tribute of Presidential Class of 2017
Joel Lang In Honor of 1408
Megan LaVine
Amber Long
Wendy Lucio
Micah Lyles In Honor of 1408
Earl Macam In Tribute of The 2018 President's Class
Jacquie Magiera
Lynda McGee In Tribute of all the hardworking public school counselors out there!
John McGreal In Honor of 1408
Angelica Melendez In Honor of 1408
Cezar Mesquita
Teege Mettille In Tribute of Jim Miller
Justin Mohney
Mary Muiruri
Guadalupe Navarrete In Honor of 1408
Cyndi Niendorf
Claire Nold-Glaser In Honor of 1408
Leslie O'Connor
Gracy Olmeda
Thomas Paulsen In Honor of 1408
Megan Petronsky
Robert Piurowski
Christine Pluta In Memory of Daniel Follmer
Elise Rodriguez
Sonia Ryan In Tribute of Robin Kaer
Barbara Sarullo
Merideth Sherlin In Honor of President's Class--2017
Myronee Simpson
Jason Smith
Mary Smith In Honor of 1408
Jeff Stahlman In Honor of Presidents Class of 2017
Mark Steinlage In Tribute of 1408 and Pres. Class 2019!
Ann Marie Strauss
Roberto Suarez In Tribute of  Affiliate Presidential Class of 2017
Sarah Summerhill In Honor of 1408
Chad Terry In Tribute of Presidential Class of 2017
Amy Thompson In Honor of 1408
Phillip Trout In Tribute of Joyce Smith
Gary Williams
Bailey Wilson In Tribute of The Hardworking School Counselor
Craig Wittgrove In Honor of Presidents Class of 2017

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