The Imagine Fund

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Impact of the Imagine Fund

What is the Imagine Fund? The Imagine Fund supports Imagine Grants, 100 percent of all proceeds raised for Imagine directly benefit college admission counselors. Grantees are provided financial assistance to attend professional development opportunities or to implement a new school program.

Donor Honor Roll

NACAC extends a heartfelt thanks to our donors for their generous support.


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Imagine Grant Helps Students Explore Postsecondary Options

Once counselor and Imagine Grant recipient Kimberly McGuire noticed an ongoing problem in her district, she couldn’t let it go. She knew she had to find a way to help students stay focused on their goal of college attendance.


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Imagine Grant RECIPIENTS

"Receiving the Imagine Grant was the only way I could afford to attend my first NACAC national conference. As a one-man college counseling office in a school that is always fighting for resources, I have no budget for professional development. The value of attending this conference can't be measured in dollars, but in inspiration and empowerment. It's energizing to be around college admissions professionals on both sides--making new friends and picking up best practices and ideas, both formally and informally, and bringing back practical resources that I will be using right away. It's empowering to be a part of the bigger discussions and policy issues that affect the work we do and help us understand the students we serve. I'm so grateful for the Imagine Grant!"

Cynthia Parish

Oklahoma School of Science and Mathematics (OK)

"I used my Imagine Fund Grants to pay for charter buses to visit college campuses and food to feed the students on those trips. We took our students to Onondaga Community College, Tompkins Cortland Community College, SUNY Cortland, SUNY Binghamton and SUNY Broome. Our students come from all over New York City, but most have never visited a college campus outside of our local community college and many will be first-generation college students. These trips were eye-opening for our students and introduced them to a whole new world of opportunities. Because of the Imagine Grant, our students were able to see themselves on college campuses, having that residential college experience that they've only read about or seen in movies. The trips also gave college admissions personnel the opportunity to meet us and our students in person, so that they have a better understanding of our school and the students we serve. We are grateful to the Imagine Grant Fund for the chance to open more doors for our students."

R. Ummi Modeste-Rogerson

City-As-School High School (NY)

"The Imagine Grant gave me the opportunity to participate in the Guiding the Way to Inclusion Conference this year and I’m so grateful. Having the chance to network, examine current themes, discuss ideas, and get support from other professionals of color and allies was an incredible way to kick off the next recruitment cycle. I came back with a fresh perspective and new goals and hope that others are able to find the same outcomes with their professional development in the future!"

Heather Wofford

Oregon State University (OR)