Special Member Vote

The NACAC Board of Directors is proposing amendments to the association’s bylaws that would enable all eligible voting members to elect board officers and directors. Currently that privilege belongs only to Assembly delegates.

Other amendments that would complement the changes to the election process are being offered at the same time.

Because the change requires an amendment to the bylaws, and because such a change requires the approval of all voting members, a Special Meeting of the Membership will be announced to allow voting to take place online.

The vote on the proposed bylaw amendments will be conducted via a straight up/down vote. All NACAC voting members as of 5 p.m. ET on Jan. 26 are eligible to vote. 

More information is available in the FAQ, Sample Ballot, and Proposed Bylaw Amendments pages. 

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Webinar Recording and Slides

All members were invited to attend a webinar on Monday, Jan. 25 featuring CEO Angel B. Pérez and NACAC President Todd Rinehart. The webinar shared information on the proposal and voting process, and included questions and answers. 

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Proposed Bylaw Amendments

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