Reinventing NACAC’s Governance: Give Us Your Feedback

For the past year and a half, the Ad Hoc Committee on Governance Restructuring has been working on proposals for changes in NACAC’s governance policies and processes.  The committee was tasked by the NACAC board of directors to reimagine the way the association governed itself – and to examine how we vote for our leaders, and who votes, and when, and how; who gets to serve on the board of directors; how national committees are structured, and what they do; and other issues.

In developing these proposals, the committee has set out some broad goals, wanting to ensure that any recommended changes in governance would:

  • Promote better member engagement
  • Encourage trust
  • Be attentive to all member segments
  • Improve affiliate relations
  • Build on NACAC’s strengths
  • Be transparent and inclusive

The committee’s discussions have been informed by feedback received from the board of directors and the Presidents Council, as well as a survey that drew the participation of more than one-third of NACAC’s entire membership.   The committee wants to make sure that it receives feedback from all member segments and that your voice is heard in the process of reviewing the proposed changes. 

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