Report of the 2018 Assembly

The NACAC Assembly of delegates, representing all 23 NACAC affiliates met on Saturday, September 29, 2018 in Salt Lake City, UT.  

In addition to electing new President-Elect Jayne Caflin Fonash, director of school counseling at The Academies of Loudon (VA), and two new board directors, Sara Brookshire, director of admissions at Brandeis University (MA), and Stephen Pultz, assistant vice president for enrollment at the University of San Diego (CA), the Assembly approved the following motions.

  • In a special action, the Assembly agreed not to amend the Code of Ethics and Professional Practices (CEPP) for one year or until the investigation by the Department of Justice Antitrust Division is resolved. This is effective immediately.

  • Delegates agreed to a moratorium of enforcement for Section II. A-Application Plans for First Time Undergraduates in the United States: Guiding Principles and Rationale; Section II. B-Admission Cycle Dates, Deadlines, and Procedures for First-Time Fall Entry Undergraduates: Guiding Principles and Rationale; and Section II. D Transfer Admission: Guiding Principles and Rationale for one year or until the investigation by the Department of Justice has been resolved.

  • The Assembly was advised to submit concerns or suggestions about the CEPP to for review by the Admission Practices Committee.

The Assembly also passed several motions, including:

  • A motion from Tim Gallen, Pennsylvania ACAC, asking the Board of Directors to consider postponing the implementation of the new membership model until 2021.

  • A motion from Jennifer Melton, International ACAC, asking the Board of Directors to consider modifying the way Admission Practices complaints are handled, specifically to refer complaints to the affiliate where the institution is located as well as to any affiliate chairs whose students may be impacted by the alleged violation.

  • A motion from Kim Wiley, Illinois ACAC, asking the Board of Directors to review the language being used by colleges when requesting final transcripts and consider establishing an appropriate timeline for these requests.

  • A motion from Andrew Rosabianca, New England ACAC, asking the Board of Directors to consider establishing a working group to review institutions’ policies on self-reported test scores. The motion suggested that best practices for communicating policies for self-reported scores could be established and that NACAC could create a database of institutions that allow self-reported scores.

  • A motion from Elisabeth Marksteiner, International ACAC, proposing that the NACAC Board create a commission on testing to examine testing inequalities and barriers to access for international students and US citizens residing outside the United States.

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