The Communications Committee provides the Board and the NACAC staff with guidance on a broad range of communications activities to engage members, the counseling and admission profession, and the general public.  The Committee’s overall mission is to help ensure that NACAC’s communications efforts are effective, nimble, targeted, and responsive to the various populations served by the association.

Responsibilities include supporting the Department of Communications, Publications and Technology in the development of plans to advance the association’s strategic priorities; supporting NACAC’s efforts to identify the latest and most effective communications and networking technologies; providing feedback from the members’ perspective on possible messaging and audience targeting; providing the Board of the Directors and NACAC staff with regular and reliable feedback on the ongoing success of efforts to communicate with members and nonmembers; providing editorial support and guidance and to review the content of NACAC communications products, both digital and print, such as the Journal of College Admission; selecting the recipient of the John B. Muir Editor’s Award each year to be presented at the NACAC national conference; and offering input into discussions about the brand identity for NACAC’s communications products and services.  Contact this committee.

Lisa Sohmer, Chair
Sohmer College Counseling (CA)

Tina Brooks
Pomona College (CA)
Craig Grooms
Union College (KY)

Janelle Holmboe
McDaniel College (MD)

Sharon Koenings
The Brookfield Academy (WI)

Oya Nuzumlali Schooley
The Pembroke Hill School (MO)

Edward Truong
University of Puget Sound (WA)

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