Engaging Public High School Counselors

The Ad Hoc Committee on Engaging Public High School Counselors will develop practical recommendations for expanding NACAC membership among public high school counselors, with special attention to counselors at Title I schools.

The committee will seek input from NACAC leaders and members and will consult relevant research in this area. Nonmembers who are public school educators and administrators, as well as other nonprofit organizations, education associations, or other organizations may be consulted.

Recommendations would cover topics such as:

  • What do public high school counselors need the most to guide students on their path to postsecondary education?

  • What is the “value proposition” of NACAC membership, specifically for public high school counselors?

  • What are the NACAC resources and services that are most valuable to public high school counselors? What new ones need to be created?

  • What barriers—financial, administrative, etc.—make it difficult for public high school counselors to join and participate in NACAC?

  • What are the best ways to engage and communicate with public high school counselors?

  • How can we identify and share best practices for counseling public high school students?

  • How can we engage counselors at public charter schools, community-based organizations, and other institutions serving public secondary school students?


Committee members

Members to be announced in May.


Staff liaisons

Shantel Goodman-Luckett
Chief Experience Officer

Cameron Hair
Research Associate

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