Developing Programs and Services for College Counseling and Admission Professionals at Rural and Small-Town Schools and Colleges

The Ad Hoc Committee on Developing Programs and Services for College Counseling and Admission Professionals at Rural and Small-Town Schools and Colleges will develop practical recommendations for creating online resources and other kinds of support for counselors, college admission staff, and students and families living and working in rural communities and small towns. The resources could include professional development, networking, research, advocacy, convening, or other support.

The recommendations may include ideas for:

  • Virtual professional development programs specifically for counselors and college admission professionals serving rural and small-town students and families

  • Specially focused college fairs or other programs to connect students and postsecondary institutions

  • Tools for sharing best practices

  • Online materials for students and families that provide information on the college transition process

  • Partnering with community organizations to encourage a college-going culture

  • Online or in-person conferences or workshops aimed at counselors and college admission professionals

  • Efforts to promote NACAC membership among counselors and college admission professionals serving rural and small-town communities

The committee will seek input from NACAC leaders, the Rural and Small-Town SIG, and other members, as well as experts from other associations serving rural communities and small towns.


Committee members

Peggy Jenkins (co-chair)
Palouse Pathways (ID)

Peaches Valdes (co-chair)
Hamilton College (NY)


Alba Cobos
Georgia Southern University

Amelia Conlon
Solomon Admissions Consulting 

Mark Cortez
The Ohio State University

Brett Fuller
Columbia University (NY)

Leticia Garay
University of California-Davis

Jody Goins
Lincoln Memorial University (TN)

Nick Grenoble
Waterford School (UT)

Erin Grey
Lyman High School (WY)

Becky Halamka
Westwood High School (MI)

Erin Heide
Valley City State University (ND)

Chris LaTempa
Malvern Preparatory School (PA)

Rance Lee
US Military Academy (NY)

Adeara London
Cornell College (IA)

Adam Ray
Western Carolina University (NC)

Jill Semmens
Collegiate Directions (MD)

Gregory Stringer

New Mexico Tech

Kirin Terni
Housatonic Valley Regional High School (CT)

Vilma Wolfe
Saint Joseph Academy (TX)

Staff liaisons

David A. Hawkins
Chief Education and Policy Officer

Tiziana Marchante
Project Coordinator, Educational Content and Policy

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