Ad Hoc Committee on Governance Restructuring


The Ad Hoc Committee on Governance Restrcturing's charge is to help guide an extensive review of our governance structure and bylaws, that will include surveying, research, focus groups, and thoughtful engagement with members and leaders.  The focus of the ad hoc committee’s work is to develop recommendations for a new governance model and a roadmap for implementation of the recommended changes. Contact this committee


Tim Lee, Chair
Le Moyne College (NY)


David Burge
George Mason University (VA)


Jonathan Ferrell
Pace Academy (GA)


Kim Chaffer Schroeder
AGS Partners, LLC. (KY)


Tara Lebar
Blue Valley West High School (KS)


Rosa Moreno
Saint Mildred's- Lightbourn School, Ontario, CANADA


Mike Pelly
Chapman University (CA)


Richard Powell
Gainesville (FL)


Michelle Rasich
Rowland Hall (UT)


Calvin Wise
Johns Hopkins University (MD)


Beverly Woodson Day
University of Texas at San Antonio (TX)

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