CXO Search FAQs

What is the time frame for the Chief Experience Officer (CXO) search process?

One month after assuming the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position at NACAC, Dr. Angel B. Pérez expressed that he would like to introduce the role of Chief Experience Officer to NACAC as part of the organizational realignment and in support of NACAC’s charge to not only be member-centric, but ensure that NACAC members and constituencies have a first class experience in their interactions with NACAC. A profile was created and posted publicly on September 8, 2020. Review of applicant materials is underway with interviews tentatively anticipated to begin in November. Ideally, the CXO will join us in early 2021.


Who is responsible for selecting the CXO?

NACAC’s Chief Executive Officer Angel Pérez will make the final decision. Dr. Pérez recognizes and values the insight of including other stakeholders from the NACAC community in the search process. Dr. Pérez formed a CXO Search Committee consisting of NACAC staff and NACAC member leaders. The Search Committee will conduct an initial round of interviews and recommend a final slate of best-qualified candidates. The final round of candidates will interview with the CEO, the senior leadership team, and a small group of NACAC staff.


What is the role of the CXO Search Committee?

The role of the committee is to conduct a confidential search; identify, interview, and assess the most qualified candidates; and recommend a candidate to the CEO and senior leadership team for final vetting. The CEO is the ultimate decision maker for selecting the CXO.


Who is serving on the CXO Search Committee and how were they selected?

The committee is comprised of staff representing diverse backgrounds and functional areas across the association plus two NACAC member leaders. The committee was selected by the CEO.


Why are we conducting a confidential search?

A confidential search ensures the most diverse candidate pool. We are seeking candidates with senior leadership backgrounds. We do not want to deter applicants who may be concerned that their participation in the search could damage their reputation or otherwise jeopardize their current employment situation. Please be aware that each member of the CXO Search Committee, senior leadership team, and the support staff involved in the search will sign a confidentiality agreement. This means that when someone asks a search committee member a question about the search process they will say to you that they cannot answer your question and hope that you will understand that all public information is available on the website.


How will the NACAC members and staff be informed on the progress of the search?

NACAC staff not involved in the search process may be briefed generally regarding progress of the search but not given specific details regarding candidates. Upon appointment of the successful candidate, NACAC will coordinate internal and public announcements with the incoming CXO.



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