Nominee for Director: Christine Loo

Christine Loo - Director NomineeChristine Loo
Co-Director of College Counseling
The Stony Brook School (NY)

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How do your experiences align with NACAC’s new mission and vision statements?”

Sometimes mission and vision statements feel like New Year resolutions: great intention, but weak follow-through. But as I’ve become more involved with NACAC, I believe that it isn’t just putting its mission and vision statements out there because they sound good, but because as an organization, it plans to pursue the goal of empowering professionals and make postsecondary education accessible to all students.

There’s no doubt that empowerment comes through things like education, advocacy, and community. I’m especially excited about community. As High School Musical says so well, we’re all in this together. Every NACAC member that I’ve had the opportunity to interact with has been nothing short of kind, caring and helpful, even when they have no idea who I am. Case in point: Several years ago, I reached out to someone who I knew who had been in college counseling a lot longer than I had and had been recognized many times for his work. In a blind email, I asked whether he would consider mentoring me. I had just come into the position of director of college counseling for the first time. Without any hesitation, he replied to my email, we set up a phone call and I’ve had the privilege of being mentored by a man who has given his whole life to this profession. From this and many other NACAC relationships and friendships, I have felt empowered to better support the students I work with.

My three-year service on the NACAC Inclusion, Access and Success committee opened my eyes to the challenges that students in rural areas faced. I also had the chance to listen to the burdens placed upon public school counselors. The discussions we had as a team not only helped me to expand my knowledge of the admissions process but made me care about students beyond those I worked with.

Organizations are only as good as the people who make up the organization. And the sense of community that exists in NACAC is not only strong, but also helps us be professionals who are better able to advocate for and educate the students we work with.

Young people are and have always been the future. And education is so important in equipping young people to not only move into the future, but to define it. But for many who are marginalized, challenges exist. We need more professionals who understand these students. In short, representation not only matters, it is crucial to the work we do. I would like to see not only more AAPI voices strongly represented in NACAC leadership, but ALL voices. Being the parent of a child who is trans has given me a clearer understanding of what it means and how it feels to be marginalized. I now know the challenges that present themselves to students who identify as non-binary, trans and gender nonconforming. It would be a privilege to bring my background, experience, and voice to the board. 

Christine's Nominee speech

"What about NACAC's mission and vision excites you? What role would you hope to play?"





  • Member, 2012-present
  • Asian American & Pacific Islander Specialty Interest Group (SIG): Member, 2016-present
  • Inclusion, Access and Success Committee: Member, 2018-20

New York State ACAC

  • Member, 2015-present
  • Newsletter Editors Committee: Member, 2016-20
  • Executive Committee: Member, 2015-16

Other Professional Organizations

  • Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS): Member, 2015-present; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Conference Round Table Leader, 2021; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion SIG Member, 2021; Asian American & Pacific Islander Leader, 2021-present
  • Revolution Prep Northeast Advisory Board: Member, 2020-present
  • College Access Consortium of New York (CACNY): Scholarship Committee Member, 2017-20
  • Pepperdine University College Advisory Board: Member, 2017-19
  • Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund: Reader, 2017-19 & 2022
  • Sponsors for Education Opportunity: Mentor and College Advisor, 2013-15; Volunteer College Advisor, 2017
  • Let’s Get Ready: Mentor and College Advisor, 2012-15


  • The Stony Brook School, Stony Brook, NY: Co-Director of College Counseling, 2015-present
  • Archbishop Molloy High School, Briarwood, NY: Guidance Counselor, 2007-11; College Counselor, 2011-15


  • M.A. University of Pennsylvania, Social Work, Philadelphia, PA
  • B.A. University of Pennsylvania, American History, Philadelphia, PA


  • University of Chicago Outstanding Educator Award: Recipient, 2014


  • 2021 ACCIS DEI Blogpost: Supporting Transgender Students
  • 2021 New York State ACAC WE-WISH Lunch Series Discussion on Anti-Asian Violence: Moderator
  • Summer 2021 Journal of College Admissions: The Work Ahead. Incidents of Hate Toward the AAPI Community are Growing and the Effects are Long Lasting
  • 2021 NACAC National Conference: Small but Mighty-Tips for Solo/Small Counseling Deptartments
  • 2019 Guiding the Way to Inclusion: Harvard Cited Weaker Rec Letters for Asian American Students. Now What?
  • 2019 NACAC Official Blog - Admitted: A Letter from a Counselor to High School Seniors

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