Nominee Statement: Robert Alexander

Nominee for Board Director:

Robert Alexander

Robert Alexander
Dean of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Enrollment Management

University of Rochester (NY)


Board members contribute many valuable skills to their work on the board, including leadership abilities, budget or financial planning, communications and media relations, advocacy and strategic planning, and other skills. How does your experience and skill set prepare you to be an effective board member? 

*Statement submitted June 3, 2021

Today, media stories and political leaders question the values and value of higher education, and how they thread into the fabric and future of our nation. Amidst this cultural context, NACAC has a unique opportunity to fulfill its purpose. Now is the time for NACAC to leverage its platform and expand its reach. Through collaborative and strategic communications, we can magnify NACAC’s prominence and amplify the impact our counselors have within higher ed, and that our institutions have on American society and democracy. At this time of rapid transformation across higher education, it is imperative to increase NACAC’s visibility and advocacy. With the bold and innovative leadership of its new CEO, together with a dynamic board, NACAC can meet these challenges head-on in ways that are both mission-driven and market-smart.

As a first-generation college graduate, I am inspired to champion NACAC’s cause by my passion for higher education’s transformational impact on individuals, families, communities, and society. Throughout my twenty-two-year career, I have built relationships with key stakeholders and fostered innovation through transparent and inclusive decision-making. I have empowered my teams to reconsider institutional systems, practices, and policies to be more inclusive, efficient, and effective. My career has prepared me to ensure that institutional and political leaders understand the returns from investing in college counseling, in students, and in our institutions.

In my personal, professional, and volunteer endeavors, I have navigated disruptive changes at an aggressive pace by prioritizing relationships and building collaborative cultures. I’ve reduced silos and encouraged cross-functionality between the areas under my direct purview, which have included admission, international enrollment and services, registrar, financial aid, veterans’ affairs, student employment, marketing/communications, and information technology. I completed a doctoral dissertation on board governance and created a nonprofit management program for undergraduates and MBA students. As a NACAC board member, I will help ensure fiscal prudence through managing expenses and identifying new revenue opportunities that positively impact our constituents. Just as at my own institutions, I will encourage our members and higher ed leaders to reaffirm their commitment to college access and affordability, and advocate for adequate appropriations and investment in student financial aid. My communications experience can help promote the work we do through marketing materials, media interviews, and lobbying efforts with state lawmakers.


I’ve worked across the West, South, and East, and bring global perspectives gained by increasing international enrollment and consulting/traveling abroad. I have relationships with members from high schools and colleges, and with external partners—all of whom need clear and concise information about the work of NACAC and outcomes we generate. I’m eager to tell the organization’s story, increase counseling resources for talented students from all backgrounds, and help expand membership and representation to counselors and schools not yet actively engaged.


I stand ready to assist with NACAC’s inspired, inclusive, and innovative work, and amplify its impact. Please grant me the opportunity to work on the board of directors to help build the future for the profession I love and the students we serve.




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