Campaign Guidelines

2021 Campaign Guidelines for NACAC Board of Directors Nominees


Announcing Slate

Once the chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee has contacted the nominees, the slate will be announced to the Board of Directors then to the Affiliate Presidents Council and then to the entire membership.

Campaign Guidelines

Running for national office is considered an opportunity, not so much a "race"; an opportunity for leaders to present themselves for service to the association and for the association to identify among its members those leaders who can best guide and govern the association in pursuit of its mission and objectives.

The following list identifies specific behaviors to avoid in the election process that detract from the integrity of the process and the association. Inappropriate campaign practices include:

  • Discussion or promotion by the nominee, or anyone acting on his/her behalf, of the election or the nominee through public E-lists, blogs, websites and social media. If you are tagged on social media regarding your nomination, a simple like or “thank you” is the appropriate acknowledgement. Please do not engage in any further conversation online regarding your candidacy.

  • Don’t increase your social media presence after being selected for the slate. This includes but isn’t limited to joining new online groups or SIGS. If you’re an active social media user, it is recommended that you take a step back during the election process.

  • NACAC will share the slate, Q&A, bios, and statements on their official accounts in conjunction with the corresponding Bulletin announcements. Please refrain from sharing these posts or commenting on them. Rule of thumb: If it gives you pause to post, don’t post it.

  • Flyers, buttons, banners, bracelets, ribbons, favors or any other such campaign gimmicks.

  • Implied, stated, or solicited endorsement from current members of the NACAC Board of Directors or the NACAC Governance and Nominating Committee.

Please reach out to with any questions regarding campaigning or your nomination.

Speaking at Affiliate Meetings

Affiliates may recognize and congratulate nominees from their affiliate at affiliate conferences, meetings or in affiliate communications. Nominees should not, however, give campaign speeches at affiliate meetings or otherwise campaign for their candidacy. Affiliates should not promote or participate in activities that would be considered campaigning for the nominee.

If you are unsure if activity is outside of the guidelines explained in this document, please contact the chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee ( before planning such an activity, to ensure that the integrity of the election is maintained.


Revised 6/21

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