Nominee Statement: Tahirah Crawford

Nominee for Board Director: 

 Tahirah Crawford

Tahirah Crawford
Director of College Placement

People's Preparatory Charter School (NJ)


Board members contribute many valuable skills to their work on the board, including leadership abilities, budget or financial planning, communications and media relations, advocacy and strategic planning, and other skills. How does your experience and skill set prepare you to be an effective board member? 

*Statement submitteed June 3, 2021

My interest in serving as a member of the Board of Directors (BOD) is born out of many things; yet there are two items that top the list.  First is my attempt to give back to an organization that has in so many ways molded me. Second is the potential to have a “seat at the table” that is often composed of people who do not identify as I do or serve the communities in which I work. This is not to say I am not able to contribute to or have insight into areas that may impact other populations. Rather, it is meant to offer honest and transparent expression of my motivation and commitment. I was taught how important it is to step outside of your lens and perspective to fully comprehend subject matter. Taking that step is necessary to adequately analyze and offer substantive and effective resolution.

I, like so many other members of NACAC, credit the organization with being a major part of the toolkit that empowers us to be successful in our roles. Although it may be easy to take for granted the amount of support, guidance, and advocacy NACAC offers, members must be good stewards ensuring it remains positioned to advance its efforts. As witnessed many times throughout this year, one shift or change can cause institutions and systems to lose their identity and fall out of step with their stated goals and mission. Being a member of the BOD would allow me to work toward ensuring NACAC stays true to its purpose, while remaining connected to the groundwork in which its membership engages. Understanding the importance and responsibility of fiduciary duty, I will work, with integrity, to uphold and advance the financial health and sustainability of the organization.

More important than technical and executive functioning skills are the non-cognitive or, as we like to say, soft skills I bring. The ability to connect with one another to form reciprocal, meaningful, supportive relationships is a cornerstone of our profession. If offered the opportunity to join the board, I will remain accessible, approachable and willing to do my absolute best to make connections, ease tensions, resolve disputes, and champion our mission. 

This is a historical time in our industry. Unprecedented times require us to offer substantive solutions and ask questions that facilitate conversations we must engage. We will increasingly be called on to be a beacon as the mental, economic, and intellectual impact of a global pandemic will start to become clearer and give way to the real fall out. In times of civil unrest when merely acknowledging racial disparities in our process will no longer be enough, we will need to be a loud voice in calls for large sweeping action. As life altering student debt calls into question the value of higher education, we will be required to combat misinformation. With all of this and more ahead I believe I am now ready and able to meet the demands.




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