Margaret E. Addis Service to NACAC Award

Established in 1996, the Margaret E. Addis Service to NACAC Award honors a long-time, respected leader of NACAC who never faltered in her commitment to ensuring ethical practices. The Addis Award recognizes NACAC members for their commitment to ensuring ethical practices while providing unique and outstanding service to the association. 

Below are several (but not all) of the criteria that is taken into consideration when nominating an award recipient for the Margaret E. Addis Service to NACAC Award. 

  • NACAC Membership: member for 10 or more years
  • Ethics: constant and passionate voice for ethical practices and standards; instrumental in developing and promoting best practices for the profession; institutional conscience
  • Service to NACAC: previous NACAC service as president or as chair of a national committee; service over an extended period in the NACAC leadership; service during a crisis or transition situation; help shape/define NACAC policy on important issues; offer support, insights and manpower when needed in issues related to ethics and best practices; outstanding service to NACAC in general

About the 2021 Award Winner

This year, we are proud to recognize the work of the NACAC Admission Practices committee under the leadership of their chair, Aaron Salesak.   

The Department of Justice investigation, and the subsequent vote by the 2020 Assembly to shift NACAC’s ethical stance from enforcement to best practices, had a profound impact for our profession.  With these changes, the NACAC AP committee was thrust into the role of interpreter, coach, and teacher for our members.  In consultation with the Board of Directors, and the affiliate AP chairs, the national committee created the new Guide to Ethical Practice in College Admission.  Once that new ethical document was written and approved, the national AP committee began the serious work of advocating, communicating, and educating to empower the membership to apply a new ethics approach.

The committee members worked with their affiliate counterparts, developing  presentations for affiliate conferences and other professional settings, and built a repository of best practices and trends, as well as made plans for future research documents.

Their thoughtful work has created the groundwork for a new approach to ethical college admission that will help move NACAC from a system of mandatory requirements toward education and advocacy. 


Previous Award Winners:

  • 2020 - Nancy Beane
  • 2019 - David Kamimoto
  • 2018 - The Steering Committee on Admission Practices under the leadership of Todd Rinehart   
  • 2017 - Lou Hirsh
  • 2016 - Phyllis Gill
  • 2015 - Alice Tanaka
  • 2014 - Bridget Herrera
  • 2013 - Frank Sachs
  • 2012 - Patty Montague
  • 2011 - Richard Powell
  • 2010 - Peter Hauet​
  • 2009 - Samuel Moss​
  • 2008 - Carl 'Sandy' Behrend​
  • 2007 - Joseph Monte​
  • 2006 - Members of the Ad Hoc Committee on Graduate Coursework and Authors of the Fundamentals of​ College Admission Counseling​​​: John Anderson, Robert Bardwell​​, ​Carl Behrend​​​, Francis Bernstein, ​Susan Biemeret, ​Robin Brown, Elsa Clark​, Steve George​, Barbara Hall​, Esther Hugo, Marybeth Kravets, Bradford MacGowan, Joseph Manning, Joan Mudge, Patrick O'Connor, Bill Pruden, Susan Rexford​, Rebecca Rutsky, Rod Skinner, Jeffrey Smith, Susan Street, Scott White​
  • 2005 - Martin Wilder ​
  • 2004 - Mary Hendry​ and William Neal​ (posthumous)
  • 2003 - National College Fair Chairs Who Served the Program for More Than Five Years: ​Richard Bory, Mimi Grossman, Gwendolyn Hoover​, Richard Hutchinson​, Steve Kerge​, ​​Kathi Lecertua​, Barbara Lowe​, Frank Muzio​, Susan Reantillo, Debbie Rupert​, Marvin Sills​​, Alice Tanaka
  • 2002 - Katy Murphy​ 
  • 2001 - Antonio Solorzano, Jr.​ 
  • 2000 - Audrey T. Hill ​ 
  • 1999 - Patricia L. Burgh ​ ​
  • 1998 - William R. McClintick, Jr.​ 
  • 1997 - Marjorie S. Loennig​  
  • 1996 - Mary Lee Hoganson​

The Margaret E. Addis Service to NACAC Award was previously the Executive Board Award, which recognized a person who provided NACAC with unique and outstanding service. In 1996 this award was changed to the Margaret E. Addis Award.

Executive Board Award Winners:

  • 1995 - Margaret Williamson
  • 1994 - Patricia Hawkins  
  • 1993 - Sharon M. Alston  
  • 1992 - Joyce E. Smith  
  • 1991 - Steven T. Syverson
  • 1990 - Ron Ancrum
  • 1989 - Joyce E. Suber
  • 1988 - Carl F. Brown
  • 1987 - Richard A. Stewart
  • 1986 - Helen J. Pape
  • 1984 - Sarah S. Heckscher  
  • 1983 - Conrad J. Sharrow  
  • 1981 - Ray A. Stines  
  • 1980 - Steven C. Munger  
  • 1979 - Joseph A. Monte  
  • 1977 - Anne M. Kennedy  
  • 1976 - Edward J. Yaw   
  • 1975 - Silas Purnell
  • 1974 - George Giampetro  
  • 1973 - Richard Rowray


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