Advertising FAQ

What percentage of NACAC members work in secondary versus postsecondary schools?

Of NACAC’s more than 15,000 members, approximately 50 percent are from colleges or universities; 39 percent are from secondary schools; and 11 percent are independent counselors, retired members and nonprofit organizations/agencies.

Do I have to be a member of NACAC to advertise?

No, advertising is not restricted to NACAC members. However, all ads must be in professional relevance to NACAC members and are subject to approval.

I am a NACAC member. Do I receive a discount?

Member discounts are available for job ads in the NACAC Career Center. Otherwise, there are no member discounts for advertising.

How do I submit my ad for the Journal or Bulletin?

Email your ad to Emmanuel Tsogas, Account Executive at The YGS Group.

How do I submit an ad for Today in College Admission?

Contact Kristen Torun at 703-483-6158.

What file type should I submit my ad as?

For the Journal, send TIFF, PDF or EPS files with the images embedded. For the Bulletin, send GIF files.

Are NACAC ads net or gross?

All NACAC ads are net. There are no agency discounts.

Will NACAC help me create my ad?

Yes, NACAC staff members can help you create your ad for the Bulletin or Journal for a charge of $150 with the text and graphics you provide, additional edits not included. If you need help with your ad, be sure to contact the editor well in advance of the ad deadline.

When do I pay for my ad?

All orders must be prepaid.

Will NACAC correct my typos or other errors?

NACAC will make every effort to contact advertisers about potential problems. However, we are not responsible for typographical errors, printing errors due to the improper formatting of the advertisement or incorrect information.

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