Learning Differences SIG

The Learning Differences SIG's mission is to facilitate conversations and collaboration among secondary and post-secondary professionals who are committed to the success of students with learning differences. 

Learning Differences SIG Co-Leaders: 
Dr. Jill Corbin
Denver Academy

Farris James
Assets High School

SIG FOCUS - May 2020

Committed to the Success of Students With Learning Differences

The Learning Differences Special Interest Group promotes a community of support and conversation among high school and college professionals committed to the success of students with learning differences.

At the global level, we assist high school students with the transition from high school to college or some form of postsecondary education. At a more granular level, we have a keen interest in better understanding the process of receiving accommodations in college and the spectrum of disabilities that our student populations may possess. Through this forum, we seek to educate and share knowledge with our colleagues in a collaborative manner.

As the Learning Differences SIG continues to grow in members and in active engagement, a variety of efforts are underway, including:

  • We would like to have a representative from each NACAC affiliate in our group who can work as a liaison within that affiliate to help address the needs of diverse learners in that context.

  • We are interested in working closely with other SIGs so that our members can serve as a resource to our colleagues who may not be as familiar with assisting students with learning differences in the college search process. We acknowledge the intersectionality of the SIGs and understand our students do not simply identify with just one special interest group. We understand that exploring the world of academic support programs, navigating college disability offices, and initiating the formal accommodations process can be daunting.

  • We are advancing opportunities in leadership and professional development by extending an invitation to all current and prospective Learning Differences SIG members to engage in educational opportunities. We are working on executing a webinar and Twitter chat as we counsel students during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, we’re looking ahead at identifying resources and tools to educate and inform our sophomores and juniors as they continue in their college search process.

  • We are exploring possibilities on how to grow as a SIG. We are giving thoughtful consideration to expanding our mission to include students with all forms of disabilities, not just intellectual. We serve our students best when we can learn from one another. If our SIG membership increases to include experts in additional areas of disabilities, we will be all better for it. Typically, students with learning differences also have a documented disability that may require additional accommodations or resources at the postsecondary level.

SIG co-leaders Jill Corbin (Denver Academy, CO) and Farris James (Assets School, HI) feel certain that the Learning Differences SIG has much to offer. They encourage their fellow NACAC members, affiliate members, and all counseling professionals who are driven to assist our exceptional student population to join!

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