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As we work to support and advance the work of college admission counseling professionals as they help students transition from secondary schools to higher education, we welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with other organizations who share a similar mission.  Together we are best able to build awareness about the availability of programs designed to ensure access and equity for all students.

Current Partnerships

NACAC appreciates the support of the following organizations.  We applaud their shared vision and continued commitment and dedication to serving our students as they look to realize their full educational potential.

AXA Foundation 

National Research Center for College & University Admissions (NRCCUA) / The Center for Enrollment Leadership (CEL)



AXA Foundation  

The AXA Foundation - the philanthropic arm of AXA Equitable - is a National Supporter of NACAC’s National College Fairs, committed to making this important initiative more effective and accessible for students and parents.
NACAC and the AXA Foundation share the goal of enabling students to fulfill their dreams of a college education. The Foundation’s signature program is AXA AchievementSM, which helps make college possible by providing access and advice. In addition to awarding more than $1.3 million a year in scholarships [access], AXA AchievementSM helps with the complex process of planning for college [advice]. Through AXA AchievementSM, AXA Equitable is one of the nation’s largest corporate providers of scholarships.

Learn more about the AXA Foundation and AXA AchievementSM.

Jan Goldstein

Director, AXA Foundation
1290 Avenue of Americas, 11th Floor
NY, NY 10023
Fax: 212/314-4480

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National Research Center for College
& University Admissions (NRCCUA) /
The Center for Enrollment Leadership (CEL)

NRCCUA/The Center for Enrollment Leadership is a pioneer in creating training, education and research solutions for higher education. 

From NRCCUA's online professional development program, Admissions Counselor Basic Training (ACBT)® for enrollment management professionals, to their student research solutions, NRCCUA/CEL is at the forefront in guiding colleges and universities in their quest to build services for college students of tomorrow.

CEL, as a division of NRCCUA, has partnered with NACAC in offering its dynamic online coursework for admission professionals.  Admissions Counselor Basic Training, the new standard for recruitment team training, significantly accelerates the learning curve for anyone that plays a role in recruiting prospective students: admissions counselors, student ambassadors, coaches, faculty and even alumni.  ACBT can also be tailored by individual admissions offices to help target their specific needs.

Industry trends and regulations change on a regular basis.  The industry leading curriculum receives regular updates to keep pace with the latest regulations and management trends so you no longer have to worry about keeping your in-house training program up to date.  ACBT is offered as a subscription service to ensure the training program is always available and always current.  

Take advantage of your NACAC membership!  All NACAC members will receive a significant discount on their ACBT subscription. 

Learn more about subscribing to ACBT or to receive additional information on the program, call 800.862.7759.