NACAC Research

NACAC research reports (including the annual State of College Admission report, NACAC-sponsored discussion papers, and research to practice briefs) explore issues of concern to college-bound students, their parents and the educators who serve them. ​​​​​​​​​​

 State of College Admission

NACAC’s annual State of College Admission report is based on surveys of school counselors and college and university admission offices nationwide. NACAC provides this report each year to highlight issues of concern to college bound students, their parents and the educators who serve them.

Members can download the 2013 State of College Admission report online at no charge. Non-members can download the report for $25. Previous editions of the report are also available for free to the public. 






 New NACAC Report


 Provisional Admission


 Discussion Papers


NACAC’s Discussion Papers inform the association and the public about issues related to the college counseling and admission profession and the transition to college. The views and opinions expressed in these reports are solely those of the authors and not necessarily those of NACAC.

  • Preparation for College Admission Exams. 2009. Dr. Derek Briggs, Associate Professor of Quantitive Methods and Policy Analysis and Chair of the Research and Evaluation Methodology Program at the University of Colorado.

Additional Discussion Papers are also available for download.


 Research to Practice Briefs


NACAC’s series of research to practice briefs are short publications that focus on a specific topic of interest to the college counseling and admission professions and the transition to college. They are designed to provide professionals with best practice information and with ready-made tools to share with key decision makers who establish policies in their schools and colleges.


 Other NACAC Research Reports


Additional Research Reports are available for download.