January 30, 2013

 Call for Articles: Online College Courses





 In this Issue:

Global Education: Expanding International Education to US Students
by Scott A. McIntyre
Driven by the cost of tuition being lower outside the US, a recruiter explores international options for his son’s college degree.
All I Really Need to Know About Admission I Learned from International Recruitment
by Alison Herget
A recruiter reflects on her adventures and misadventures in China, and recommends international recruitment travel as it "brings a whole new element of [the] unknown…”
Keeping the Dream of Higher Education Alive for Students
by Senator Tom Harkin
A Senator iterates, "America’s system of higher education is one of shared responsibility” and encourages federal and state governments to work to lift the financial burden from students and families.
A Moment of Crisis and Opportunity for American Universities
by Senator Lamar Alexander
A Senator discusses why he is against more federal intrusion in financing higher education, highlighting three of the most damaging examples.
A Love Note to Liberal Arts Colleges: Don’t Fear the Market
by Jesse H. Lytle
A faculty member at a liberal arts college explores how liberal arts schools’ market demands and institutional missions clash and converge, and how they have to adapt to stay float without compromising core values.
Matching International Enthusiasm With Diversity Commitment
by Michael Smith and Akiko Ota
The authors dispute the idea that international recruitment truly fulfills diversity requirements, observing that although institutions should “push towards educating global citizens… At the same time it is just as critical that populations historically underrepresented in higher education are not left behind.”

Undermining the Master Plan: Divestment in Higher Education and Student Experiences
by Robin N. Johnson-Ahorlu, Cynthia L. Alvarez and Sylvia Hurtado
The authors unveil a higher education paradox happening in California—the California Master Plan, the socio-historical force that created public higher education in the state, is now being undone by policy decisions—and challenges legislators to carefully consider funding and education moving forward.
Five Low Budget Methods to Enhance Efforts in China
by Zinch
As an alternative to more costly suggestions, Zinch outlines five low-cost ways to reach out to students in China: prospect follow-up, Chinese student videos, Chinese alumni groups online, Sina Weibo.com postings, and Chinese PDF download.
Having “The Talk”
by Sonja Montiel
A director of college counseling urges parents to initiate cost discussions early and not to mislead their children in opportunities they cannot afford.
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