October 31, 2012

 NACAC Urges Colleges and Universities To Extend Early Deadlines

Earlier today, Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan released a statement urging colleges, universities and scholarship programs across the country to adjust application deadlines for students impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Secretary Duncan urged those who have not taken action to provide flexibility for these students and college counselors who need extra time.

List of institutions with updated deadlines.

NACAC urges colleges and universities with November 1 and November 15 deadlines to consider allowing students who have been impacted by the storm to submit their application(s) beyond the deadline. There will be many students who are simply unable to access and submit their application online in the coming days. In addition, because many high schools, college access programs and community-based organizations that assist students with the college application process are still closed or limited in their capacity, students who rely on counseling professionals to review their application before it is submitted or mailed, answer final questions and address last-minute concerns will be unable to do so. Additional time to submit applications will allow students to take these necessary steps. In addition, NACAC would also ask that you extend the same courtesy to those adults who must submit supporting documents.
NACAC recommends communicating your deadline extension as soon as possible and through as many channels available (e.g., your institution’s Web site, email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Unfortunately, many students are navigating the college application process on their own and will rely on your institution for guidance during this challenging time. Counseling professionals working to assuage their anxious students will do the same. 

If your institution is offering any deadline extensions in Early Decision or Early Admission programs, or making any other changes in admission policy to accommodate challenges created by the storm, please let us know.  We intend to share this information with the NACAC membership and other colleagues in the counseling and admission profession.