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 Writer's Guide

The Journal of College Admission strives to share professional information on issues relevant to the college counseling and admission professions and the transition from high school to college. If you would like to write for the Journal, contact the editor at Pertinent topics include counseling, recruitment, ethics, financial aid, standardized testing, diversity, international education, and professional issues, among others—the Journal's scope is broad and it will consider any topics deemed helpful to its readers. The audience includes NACAC members—college counselors and college admission officers​—and university library subscribers.


NACAC asks the author to sign a statement guaranteeing that the manuscript is the author's original work, that the author owns the copyright and is willing to transfer the copyright to NACAC. This gives the association the right to:

  • edit, publish in print and electronic form and copyright the material with the US Copyright Office
  • republish the material, or any part of it in print or electronic form, in any future NACAC publication
  • grant permission to persons and organizations requesting to reprint the material, in whole or in part.

Authors who request NACAC's permission to republish their materials readily receive it.

The John B. Muir Editor's Award

This award, presented by the Editorial Committee at NACAC's annual conference, recognizes the author who has made the most significant contribution to the Journal during the past year.​​