Presenter Information

Congratulations on your selection as a Critical Components presenter!

Your educational session will be one of many important topics discussed at Critical Components and will serve as a valuable resource to your colleagues in the field.
To assist in your preparation for Critical Components, we ask that you bookmark this site, as it will have answers to popular questions that you may have.
NACAC will publish the names of only those presenters from whom we have received and returned agreement forms, and only those presenters will be permitted to present on-site in Pittsburgh.

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Questions and FAQ's

Q: Will NACAC pay for my travel, accommodations, or other conference related costs?
All presenters are fully responsible for any travel, accommodations or conference related costs.

Q: What are the fees for registering as a conference presenter?
All presenters must pay the discounted registration fee offered to them. There are no partial discounts or day passes available. Please be sure to register before May 1 to receive the lowest rate. We invite presenters to stay and participate in the whole conference experience.

Q: What other presentation or professional development opportunities exist?
Accepted presentations are eligible to be repurposed in NACAC publications. For example, if presenters have interest in turning their presentation into an article for the Journal of College Admission or the NACAC Bulletin, we would be happy to help facilitate this process. 

Q: Is there a PowerPoint template I should use for my presentation?
NACAC has prepared an PowerPoint template for your convenience. View the​ PPT. Please place the content of your slides on the PPT and turn it in no later than Monday, April 25, 2016.

Q: Will I need to bring my own computer?
Each room will be set with a computer, projector, screen, microphone, podium and head table for a minimum of two individuals. Presentations will be uploaded to the computer in the room that the presentation will be held. That being said, all presentations must be submitted in their final by the deadline of Monday, April 25. No presentations can be swapped in and out when on site.

Q: Can I bring handouts or materials for attendees in my session? If so, how many should I prepare?
Printing handouts or materials for educational sessions is encouraged. While the number of session attendees can vary based on the session and time block, printing anywhere from 20-40 handouts should be sufficient.

Q: Will I have internet access?
Internet connection for presentations can be arranged as long as it is requested and confirmed before handing in the presenter agreement form. All requests after agreement forms have been submitted will not be accommodated.

Q: Will my session be recorded or will my slides be shared?
No, your session will not be recorded. PowerPoint slides will be put on a hidden website for attendees to view for a year after the program. We will ask all presenters for follow-up information during the week following the conference. If you find that there are additional materials to provide to attendees or updates that you would like to make to the PPT, you can send those materials at that time.

Social Media
The Critical Components program will be highlighted on the NACAC Twitter account managed by the Education and Training Department. Please follow us at @NACACedu and tweet using the conference hashtag #Critical16.

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For more information, please contact Kelly Ferrante at 703/299-6846.