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 Scam Alert: UNAUTHORIZED Exhibitor Directory Offer

NACAC is warning all its National College Fair exhibitors and members concerning the activities of Construct Data Publishers, a.s. and its publication, Fair Guide.  The solicitations and forms that Construct Data Publishers are using give the false impression that the Construct Data Publisher’s “Fair Guide” listing is the official listing for NACAC’s College Fair and that exhibitors should “register” to avoid the loss of business from such Fair. Construct Data Publishers is also using the NACAC name and the names of NACAC’s Fairs in Construct Data Publishers’ forms and solicitations. This unauthorized use contributes to the deceptive nature of Construct Data Publisher’s solicitations and advertising.

NACAC further understands that Construct Data Publishers is sending deceptive advertising and “contracts” populated with exhibitor-specific information to mislead exhibitors into purchasing space in Construct Data Publishers’ Fair Guide.  One of our exhibitors has also claimed that Construct Data Publishers improperly affixed a signature to one such contract purportedly obligating the exhibitor to an irrevocable advertising order of $1717 per year that automatically renews unless the exhibitor cancels by registered mail three months prior to the next expiration. This “contract” is subject solely to the laws of Slovakia and venue for all disputes is Bratislava, Slovakia.

If you receive an advertisement from Construct Data Publishers, you should ignore it.
If you receive collection notices or contracts from Construct Data Publishers, you should alert your legal counsel as soon as possible.  To assist you and your legal counsel, we are making the following available to you:

Please note the response from the FTC to NACAC indicating that  it does not resolve individual complaints, but will act when it sees a pattern of possible violations developing.  NACAC exhibitors may wish to consider sending a complaint to the FTC if they experience any problems with Construct Data Publishers.  The last pages of the FTC Facts documents provided above, explain how and where to file complaints.

Please remember that NACAC has no affiliation or relationship with Construct Data Publishers or Fair Guide and does not recommend, approve or endorse any involvement or listing in the Fair Guide by NACAC exhibitors.  The “Fair Guide” is not an NACAC publication.  Construct Data Publishers and Fair Guide have no right to use NACAC’s name or the name of any NACAC National College Fair for any purpose.

If you or your legal counsel has any questions, contact Greg Ferguson at 703-299-6815.