Inclusion, Access and Success Award

Established in 1984, the Inclusion, Access and Success (formerly the Human Relations) Award honors persons who have been instrumental in making postsecondary education opportunities available to historically underrepresented students.

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 2013 Award Winners


Juliek.jpgJulie Kampschroeder is committed, creative and passionate about making college available to all students. She has made access for underrepresented students her life’s work. On her own campus, she has led this cause by developing a summer program for first-generation college students and seeking out resources for students for whom English is a second language. As part of the Missouri Association for College Admission Counseling (MOACAC), Kampschroeder was instrumental in creating a free professional development workshop for public school counselors. She helped to design the program and presented on topics critical to counseling underserved students. On the Executive Board for MOACAC, Kampschroeder developed another free event for both secondary and post-secondary professionals, focusing on how best to assist special populations throughout the college admission and application process. Most importantly, she has made a tremendous difference in the lives of the students she has served in her more than 20 years as a counselor. 


AlfredH.jpgAlfred Herrera has been a longtime supporter and advocate of underrepresented students. As the assistant vice provost for academic partnership & director of the UCLA Center for Community College Partnership, his work focuses on developing and strengthening collaborative relationships between UCLA and feeder community colleges and developing academic enrichment programs geared towards helping underserved students become competitively eligible for the University of California. He is also responsible for developing and implementing summer academic residential programs to assist students in their academic development. He has been honored both nationally and internationally for his work helping undocumented students access higher education. For over thirty years, Herrera has been a strong advocate on behalf of undocumented and underserved students in higher education and has conducted training and information sessions about supporting these students across the country. His passion and expertise make him an invaluable resource to those of us trying to serve the needs of these students.





 Past Award Winners

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1986 - Marion R. Flagg ​ Gloria de Leon ​
1987 - Clarence Mixon ​ Ernesto Nieto ​
1988 - NACAC Human Relations Committees of 1986 ​ 1996 - Donald Johnson​
& 1987 for the development of Guide for Parents: ​ 1997 - Edward Bell ​
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Audrey T. Hill ​ 2000 - I Have a Dream Foundation ​
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Clifton B. Rawles​ 2006 - Alejandra Rincón​
Thedore Sherron​ 2007 - Advancement Via Individual Determination​
Anthonio Solorzano, Jr.​ 2008 - College Goal Sunday​
1989 - Betty Fairfax ​ 2009 - Admission Possible ​
1990 - Samuel H. Johnson ​ 2010 - Aliza Gilbert​
1991 - Silas Purnell ​ Posse Foundation​
1992 - J. Alan Marks ​ 2011 - Chris Milton​
Betty Schneider​ Karen Staller
1993 - Carl F. Brown
2012 - Richard Alvarez
2013 - Alfred Herrera and Julie Kampschroeder